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Prince is a lab mix with a beautiful white chest and white bootie feet. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama. Prince is 1 1/2 years old, and needs a good loving home. He's incredibly well behaved, mild mannered, and just a wonderful little doggie.

My Brother is fostering him until we find him the perfect home. He's already fallen totally in love with Prince, but has 7 or 8 labs already. It not only would be difficult for him to keep Prince with so many other pet kids, we want Prince to live in a home where he can get plenty of one-on-one love and attention.

We want someone who LOVES doggies, not just LIKES them. Prince is truly a prince, and deserves a wonderful, attentive, and loving Pet Parent.

BTW, he is wonderful with other pets. We just want him to have that one-on-one when possible, not to say he needs to be the only dog. He's already hanging out with my Brother's oldest dogs - 2 girl labs and 1 boy lab. And they get along perfectly. That really amazed me how easy it seemed to be for all of them. And, he minds every word. He's a bit timid only because he's in a new place, and probably very confused as to why he's not home, poor baby. His human Dad wants to keep him. His human Mom doesn't want a dog. :-(

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Location: Birmingham, AL


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