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Everyone should know that Valentine's day is about love and affection. But not just for humans.


. I see every day, as a day to celebrate with my pets. I'm talking about a party, but something special to do every day.

Take steel on a longer walk/hike, or to a different hiking area, (because going on the same walk gets boring).


. Giving gifts. Toys, treats, or love. All pets love, love. Make sure you dont give them to much food, treats, or love. They may become obese, and disobediant.


. Play. Exersice can be fun. Cats love to climb, so get a cat tree or some new toys that they can play with. With experience, i'v learned that cats enough those feather toys with the bell at the end, and those plastic balls. (blossom loves those).

 Dogs love to run and play too. Tug toys, stuffed animals, squeaker toys, tennis balls, frisbees. List goes on. My dog steel, didn't understand the conspect of fetch. When at the dog park, he'd see a dog run after a ball and he'd stand there saying "this dogs weird". Or he'd chase after him, thinking he's playing 'chase me'.


.my pets love being brushed, exept shakespear (he tries to quietly move away as i brush him). If you see my pics, most are my pets asking for rubs, brushings, and pets outside. trust me they need to be brushed no matter how short the coat, because it gets rid of dirt and debris.

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