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There are many fun things you can do with your dog. Dog camps, for instance. What can be more fun than taking your dog to a Dog Camp? Your dog will learn new things and develop competitive skills. Look for some health guidance in these camps, or weather or not they have a veterinarian, good trainers, or plain good skills in general. Each camp has a different style so just make sure you choose the one that better fits you. Games are another thing you can do with your dog. They help making your relationship with your dog stronger. You could play hide & seek, go find, follow the leader, fun with toys, find the treat, etc. Your children can also get involved. It’ll be lots of fun. Don’t limit yourself to the games you already know. Use your imagination, and be creative. What about racing your dog? Hounds are masters in racing. However, you can have a competition at a dog’s park with other dog breeds or you can simply run with your dog at a park. Workout with dogs is fun. What about visiting a sick friend? Dogs are great companions. I’m sure your friend will feel better after seeing such a lovely creature wagging his/her tale. These are only suggestions. If you have anything to share feel free to share it on the comments. Thanks!

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