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Today, Ethan tried to cut Mia's nails for the first time. I had done it before but because she was so unsteady and I was just too afraid that I was going to cut her that I let him do it. He did the front two legs fine. Just watching him do it made me nervous. I kept asking him not to cut them so close to the tip! Finally when he moved onto her hind legs...... well she struggled a bit and we just thought she didn't like being held down. But when i let her off the couch.... there was blood all over! I couldn't believe it..... one of her toes were bleeding! I just couldn't bare it..... I immediately put a tissue and baby wipe to stop the bleeding and held her..... I could tell she wasn't feeling well for the rest of the time I was home (before I left work). usually , she is quite active after lunch and would play with Jake. Today, she just laid in her bed all curled up. I could tell she was not feeling well. Poor mia! I kept comforting her... and she just had that "unhappy" look on her face (like when she looks at Jake with jealousy).

Hopefully she will be better when I get home tonight!

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