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We are still having trouble potty training Jake. He's been home for a month and a few days now. Mia at the same age as Jake was already fully potty trained. This was when we went to Malaysia for a few days and we had to leave her at the pet shop. When we came back, I remembered that she had no more accidents.

Jake is still struggling. I guess it's not fair to compare as Jake gets to stay in a much larger space while we are at work as compared to what Mia had. Even when we came back, Mia had to stay in teh guest room all day or our bed room while we were gone. Jake on the other hand never had to stay in such a small area. he always had the luxury of staying in the living room and hallway. So he has to run a lot farther to find the potty training pad. Every day we go home, we have a nice surprise either at the end of the hallway or in the kitchen. We have gotten in the habit of punishing him and he always lets out this very girly scream.... even before the punishment, once he sees the it..... he just squirls like a baby!

We are hoping that eventually we will no longer have any surprises. Ethan is just going crazy trying to fix up all the holes in the walls that Jake has created with his teeth! Ethan hates them! He would spend hours just patching them up with putty and paint. Hopefully today our house will still be in the same shape. The couch on the other hand is still in good shape. We are trying to keep them from destroying our furniture. We bought 290 HKD worth of toys for them just this past week! Can you believe it? sigh.... this puppy business is really draining our budget.

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