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This is Penny, who came to us just two days ago. she was a foundling, discovered by some children living rough on the streets as a puppy. They took her to a lady they knew who works at a vet, and she gave the dog a temporary home, but she had to live outside as the woman didn't have room indoors for her as she already had too many dogs. During one of my regular visits to the vet for one of our other dogs, she asked me if I knew anyone who might take a little cross-bred terrier and give her a home. The answer is in the photo. Penny had no name unitl we got her, but has quickly learned her new one, and has settled in well with our other dogs. Tilly in particular plays almost non-stop with her, and has taken her under her wing like a mother hen. Penny is about one year old and we hope she has a long and happy life with us now that she's found her 'forever' home at last!

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Comment by PetBrags Pet Lovers Paradise on March 20, 2008 at 7:33pm
So sweet! It's so wonderful to hear when a wonderful home and family like yours, rescues a pet kid!
Comment by JACQUE on February 27, 2008 at 5:33pm
Awwwww...Thank God for people like you who take these precious babies into their home so lovingly! God bless you!

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