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I got a new Ferret...She is still a kit and its a baby girl.We named her bunny after we named her Zoey after we named her Stella LOL!!!!! She has a new Red collor with a little bell on it.Her hammock has the beatles on it. Her bowl has a picture of a cat thinking Life is good...Hard to explain :) Her litter is clear and blue..IK you didnt need to know that lolHer bedding is pink and green.....I love to take her out of the cage to play some Ferret friendly games.We bought a play pin will be here friday!!!! lol :) I think Bunny is quite happy here :) I am going to make her a couple outfits and buy her a vest for walks :) :) :)

well g2g ttyl :)

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Comment by December Mcarter on February 20, 2008 at 11:46pm
GL and GN

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